The Domain, origins to today.

 PRIEUR une descendance11 Ventôse the AN 12 (March 11, 1804) brothers and Jean Claude Prieur, both of Martin's son PRIOR, winemaker for Change, left their hometown to jointly acquire the Domaine du Chateau Perruchot to SANTENAY with vineyards, land , mansion, winegrowers, wineries and beautiful caves of the XV century.

The act of buying prepared by Master Gonon, notary at Autun, stipulates that the land area of two hundred vineyards worked among others since the Revolution belonged to Jean-Jacques Bertonnier of Lejeuntois residing in Autun,PRIEUR He bought it to brothers John and Stephen Perruchot CHALON, whose father was John Squire, secretary of the King, House and Crown of France, near the Chancellery Parliament of Dijon.

Only Jean Prieur had descendants and for nearly two centuries, the material and spiritual heritage has been passed down from generation to generation, as evidenced by the records and the family tree going back beyond the twelfth century.

These generations have spent their work uninterrupted work of the vine. So have succeeded Jean Prieur and his brother Claude, Claude Prieur PONNELLE, Jean-Baptiste Prieur BLONDEAU, Jules and Georges PRIOR PRIOR SALADIN COLLIN.

In 1955, thanks to the union PRIOR Guy, born in SANTENAY, and Elisabeth Brunet MEURSAULT native, the Estate made a new start and became the FIELD PRIOR BRUNET due to the contribution of a large family vineyard on MEURSAULT. From this union were born two daughters and Chantal Dominique.

By 1976, married Claude Dominique UNY.Ajourd 'hui, Dominique contributes to business development, while Claude is in charge of technical processes: viticulture and winemaking.

The area over 20 hectares, spread across the six major wine-producing villages of the Côte de Beaune, explains the diversity and quality of their products.


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