The white wine vinification

 vinificationThe procedure is a simple pressing of white grapes chardonnay brought over to the winery. Grape juice is called "wort" is fermented in oak barrels, the wine will leave the barrel for bottling. A batonnage lees is done every 15 days, and the topping. The wines is done in oak barrels mainly from Allier. Before bottling, a cooling down is performed if necessary in the cold room.


Wine making red wine

 vinificationThe grapes of Pinot Noir has black skin but white juice. We carry out a cold maceration of the grapes that were sorted at harvest. So the color spreads from the skin to the juice. Fermentation takes place in open oak vats, a traditional punching is performed (the grounds of the hat is pressed) and a daily reassembly. The maceration time will be defined based on the analysis of the young wine and tasting. The wines is done in oak barrels of Allier and Troncet. We proceed before bottling to the assembly of these drums. If necessary, we make a collage of white fresh eggs. This method aims to clarify naturally wines. The clarity is controlled to proceed at a bottling without filtering to the extent possible.

The bottling of red and white wines

 It is performed without filtration. All the bottles are rinsed with water or previously tested and sterilized. Wine is upgraded as carbon dioxide. Plugging is done with care, 4 minutes waiting table allows the cork to decompress and take its final shape as slowly as possible.

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